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Tim Latimer - Quilts Etc ( New York Quilt #5)

Monday, January 15th, 2018 - Quilt
Photo 5 of 8Tim Latimer - Quilts Etc ( New York Quilt  #5)

Tim Latimer - Quilts Etc ( New York Quilt #5)

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quilt (kwilt),USA pronunciation  n. 
  1. a coverlet for a bed, made of two layers of fabric with some soft substance, as wool or down, between them and stitched in patterns or tufted through all thicknesses in order to prevent the filling from shifting.
  2. anything quilted or resembling a quilt.
  3. a bedspread or counterpane, esp. a thick one.
  4. [Obs.]a mattress.

  1. to stitch together (two pieces of cloth and a soft interlining), usually in an ornamental pattern.
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  1. to make quilts or quilted work.
quilter, n. 

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